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Backtracking slightly

One final post on the wedding before we consign it well and truly to my sewing history!

You may remember that as well as Sue’s wedding dress I was making my own bridesmaid dress, using Vogue 1192.

Well, just to say I did walk down the aisle in this dress, which was nothing short of a miracle.  Suffice to say that not having made anything like THE DRESS before I had no idea how long each stage would take, and here is my tip to you if you ever find yourself taking on anything like this and especially if you are as novice as I am when it comes to couture sewing – ALLOW AT LEAST THREE TIMES AS LONG AS YOU THINK YOU WILL NEED FOR EVERY STAGE.

If I ever did it again, I would have a much better idea of how to go about everything and I wouldn’t have to study each technique before I used it, but as it was I found myself finishing THE dress at about 10pm the night before the big event.  Thank heavens Sue was amazingly relaxed about this, more so than I would have been, that’s for sure!

So all well and good, it was finally done.  What was not done, or even started, was my own dress, which was still in the bag as lengths of silk, lining and a very roughly adjusted pattern with a never put together toile.  Since I was Maid of Honour AND had to stand up in the front of the church and perform two songs as well (one of which was in Welsh!), attendance in underwear and shoes only was not really an option.

Lest you should think me so laid back / mad that I hadn’t thought about getting it done over the preceding months, I had felt I needed to finish Sue’s dress before starting mine.  (In the master plan, this would have happened a good month before the wedding!)

I can’t tell you anything about the making of my dress, other than:

  1. I started at 10:30 pm, sewed like a crazy woman until 5:30 am, slept 2 hours and hemmed it while putting on my makeup for the wedding
  2. It fit (more or less), but does not bear inspection, close or otherwise
  3. This is never a good idea, and especially not when you are 6 weeks pregnant and hormonal
  4. DO NOT do this at home!

Anyway just to prove it actually did materialise in the end, here I am, suitably obscured, plus a couple of action shots!

Something blue embroidered inside

Something blue embroidered inside

(Perhaps a little concealer could have been used on those dark circles!)

Anyway with that, it’s farewell to wedding dresses and onto less lofty things!


Here comes the bride!

Lovely readers, as you may have guessed the lack of posts over the past few weeks was due to major sewing going on to finish the wedding dress in time for Sue’s wedding – MANY late nights have been had, quite a few tears – both of panic and of utter relief and joy when Sue was finally able to try on the finished dress and it actually fit!

We’re just back from Scotland after a truly beautiful and amazing wedding, I am totally exhausted but wanted to share a few of my photos with you.  They aren’t the greatest, and hopefully there will be some better professional ones to come, but for now:

The radiant bride

Out of the wind, you can actually see the shape!

Back view - after dinner so a bit wrinkled by this stage!

Sue looked absolutely stunning, so incredibly beautiful, and I was so proud to have been able to give her the dress she deserved.  I can’t quite believe I managed to do it!  She is my closest, dearest friend, and I’m so glad she met Rob, a wonderful man who adores her and she him.  I was absolutely honoured to play a major role in helping her create her dream wedding, and I wish them many joyful years together filled with many many blessings.  I love you Sue!

The gorgeous and fabulously happy couple