Parma Violet

Well, amazing but true, this past week has seen the dusting off of my trusty machine and actual SEWING taking place.  I can’t tell you how much of an achievement this feels!  Time is at a premium with a 13 week old who refuses to nap during the daytime.

Where better to start than by jumping on the bandwagon of the lovely Colette Violet.  I’ve seen some gorgeous versions of this online, not least the beautiful fitted ones modelled by Joanne as part of the recent OWOP challenge.  I loved the fitted look but decided to go for the pattern as written to start with – I’m currently breastfeeding so slightly roomier clothes are required for easy access!  I’m not 100% sure I made the right decision as it’s a bit too blousy for my liking, but anyway here it is:

The fabric is a cotton lawn I got last summer at Anglian Fashion Fabrics in Norwich.  Can you still get Parma Violets?  I never liked them, but the print makes me think of them in a happy nostalgia way.  I cut a 12 but I think I probably should have done a smaller size plus FBA.  I might try this, and I might also go back to my muslin and put in some waist darts to see what happens – yes, I did actually make a muslin but only really looked to see if it fit around the girls properly rather than thinking about the whole picture.  Bit of a beginner mistake, cutting according to your largest part, but to be honest it was so exciting to be doing some actual sewing that I wasn’t in the mood for faffing around with adjustments.

I did take time to make the inside look good (a hangover from the wedding dress!), so it was French and self-bound seams all the way.  I also used covered buttons which I absolutely love, but I think with all that pattern a bit of piping to define the collar would be good.  Next time!

Anyway, I’m happy enough with it, and will definitely make a couple more but not before I’ve played around with the sizing.

Up next, another Colette fave, Ginger!  I’m hoping this is as quick and easy as everyone says because I really need to stop wearing my faithful maternity denim skirt – not as bad as it sounds as it’s under the bump style, but as I no longer have a bump to hold it in place it’s not ideal.

I’ve also decided to join Karen’s Pyjama Party – originally a pair of PJ bottoms was going to be my return to sewing project but the need for clothes I could wear out of the house was greater.  But now what better time to take part in my first sewalong!


12 responses to “Parma Violet

  1. I love the look of that and the colour is eye-catching without being overwhelming. Would you blow a bit of that “take time to make the inside look good” enthusiasm this way? I can sew well and neatly but I usually let myself be so defeated by my own ridiculous time lines that I’m doing well if the outside is neat! Nice work. Looking forward to seeing the Ginger and the PJs.

  2. It is still possible to get parma violets. And they remain disgusting!

  3. Hooray….looks great! Can’t wait to see it ‘in living colour’! Mx

  4. PS: Perhaps you could start a trend with your next project!

  5. That’s a lovely blouse! Oh, one day, I may order that pattern. SO glad to hear you’re joining the Pyjama Party. I know you’ll make a very classy pair.

  6. This is a very nice version of the Violet Nancy, it looks great with jeans. I think I should have added piping round my collar for my last one too. As you say, next time!
    I didn’t like parma violets either, they tasted of perfume. x

  7. I think it looks great! The extra roominess, although intended for easier access, looks chic and the color goes so well with your skin. Very Michelle Williams if I might say. I’m glad you finally got back into sewing. Isn’t it such a great feeling?

  8. Nice blouse! Welcome back to the world of sewing, & and congrats on the birth of your baby. Thanks for the comment on my blogpost – I have just read your skinny seams post, that might have worked, but I did something similar in the end. I might be making my sister’s wedding dress in the next year, so I’ll be coming back to some if your previous posts I’m sure.

  9. You really suit that colour! Lovely! 🙂

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