Back from obscurity – and a newly finished creation!

Hello again to anyone who still cares enough to have this blog on their radar screen after an absence of over 9 months!  Rather a pathetic showing, especially as I just checked and it’s only just over a year since I started writing it…

I was so touched by all the lovely comments on the finished wedding dress, and also amazed at the numbers of people who read that post – a very belated thank you for making all the hard work even more worth it.  Since then I have sewn hardly a stitch – except in June when I made these napkins and tablecloth for the family brunch after my cousin’s lovely wedding in California (he is in the US Marines, hence the theme).

This was a fun collaboration between me and my very talented cousin Nancy B, who designed the fabric and had it printed at  If only I had her talent!  (It’s hard to see here but among all that camo action are hearts and lovebirds).

I can't pretend I made these, but they were impressive - and delicious!

And sadly, that is it on the sewing front!  Not for want of inspiration, or dreaming about all the clothes I desperately need, or fabrics in the stash to create them with.  Partly it was case of total sewing overdose, but it has also been difficult to get back to normal sewing after such a mammoth project – weirdly I feel nervous of starting more ‘basic’ things because nothing else will probably quite measure up to that again.  It’s that little pair of demons perfectionism and fear rearing their ugly heads again – they will be conquered!

Big changes have also happened at Maison Bold!  Two weeks before the wedding, when I was staying up until the early hours most nights and drinking way more coffee and wine than is good for a body to deal with the mounting stress, I discovered that I was miraculously pregnant!  We had given up hopes of a family after rather a bumpy road, so it was such a joyful shock.  Thank you, wedding dress and sewing gods!  So in January I went from this:

to holding my gorgeous little miracle bundle, RTH:

who 8 weeks later is snoozing on my lap as I type with one finger.

Life is very good.  And there will be sewing again.  Soon. x


10 responses to “Back from obscurity – and a newly finished creation!

  1. Oh Nancy that’s the most wonderful, wonderful news, I’m thrilled for you! Your ears must have been burning – only two days ago, Karen and I were talking about the Japanese exhibition where we all met up and wondering if you were still sewing! Congratulations once again, he’s a beautiful boy. x

    • Thanks Jane! I was very envious when I read about the Brixton sewing get-together – and have strangely been craving French Fancies ever since even though I don’t actually like them! x

  2. Glad you have you back in the blogosphere. You don’t have to set the bar so high, though–you can post with something less monumental than a wedding or a birth or both!

  3. Well I never! Massive congratulations. Who would have guessed when we met at Morley that this would be happening? I am very pleased for you – you deserve all this happiness. And you do sound brimming with happiness!

  4. Felicity from Down Under

    congratulations (from a fellow mum who had a bumpy road to getting there). You don’t have to sew wedding clothes, as everyone says. Baby clothes will be good to start with!

  5. Big massive congratulations! What a beautiful baby. Lots of lovely wishes to you all 🙂

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