Here comes the bride!

Lovely readers, as you may have guessed the lack of posts over the past few weeks was due to major sewing going on to finish the wedding dress in time for Sue’s wedding – MANY late nights have been had, quite a few tears – both of panic and of utter relief and joy when Sue was finally able to try on the finished dress and it actually fit!

We’re just back from Scotland after a truly beautiful and amazing wedding, I am totally exhausted but wanted to share a few of my photos with you.  They aren’t the greatest, and hopefully there will be some better professional ones to come, but for now:

The radiant bride

Out of the wind, you can actually see the shape!

Back view - after dinner so a bit wrinkled by this stage!

Sue looked absolutely stunning, so incredibly beautiful, and I was so proud to have been able to give her the dress she deserved.  I can’t quite believe I managed to do it!  She is my closest, dearest friend, and I’m so glad she met Rob, a wonderful man who adores her and she him.  I was absolutely honoured to play a major role in helping her create her dream wedding, and I wish them many joyful years together filled with many many blessings.  I love you Sue!

The gorgeous and fabulously happy couple

27 responses to “Here comes the bride!

  1. Congratulations, the dress looks absolutely fantastic and the bride is so beautiful! It looks like it was worth all the hard effort 🙂 Well Done. And I hope you keep blogging, you will have to find another challenge to get stuck in to!!

  2. You did it! Yay, you did it! I am so impressed. You know what, when I met you and heard about your plan I thought, ‘Most people couldn’t pull this off, but I detect a core of steel running through this woman – she might just ruddy well do it.’ And you did! Oh my goodness, I hope you have lots of treats lined up. You fully deserve them. I suspect only another Sewist could fully appreciate or glimpse what this entailed.

  3. kathy murray

    As the sister of the bride, I witnessed all the hard work that went into finnishing the dress and it looked stunning. What was also amazing was that Nancy stayed up until 5.30am making her own bridesmaid dress. It was a labour of love. Well done Nancy!

  4. Wow!!! Nancy I love the dress! It is absolutely gorgeous and Sue looks beautiful in it! Yes, well done to you!
    I just stumbled on your wonderful blog via one of my very occasional visits to Facebook. Now I can’t wait to read through all the entries.
    Sending you big big hugs and love~ Auntie Jane xo
    And I am so looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks! Yea!!!

  5. What a beautiful and elegant gown, the bride looks absolutely stunning. Well done you must be so proud of your accomplishment. What’s next!!??

  6. Catriona Pentleton

    What a talent! It was a lovely thing you were able to do for Sue and it was lovely to see you both in the photos. I hope you all had a fabulous day and I’m sure Sue will treasure her beautiful dress forever. You have a great skill and I hope it brings you lots of good times making all sorts of things. x

  7. Oh Nancy it’s beautiful. The bride looked gorgeous and it fit her like a dream, you’re right, what a fantastic thing to be able to do for your friend. I hope you’re suitably proud of yourself after all your incredibly hard work. What a star! xx

  8. Beautiful! and fits like a dream.

  9. What a beautiful gown! What a stunning achievement! I have visited and revisited the pix all day and am lost for words. How thrilled the bride must have been…and I hope you were too. It is absolutely fabulous! BREATHE! xo

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  11. Wow. Hats off to you. The dress is absolutely stunning. Your friend is so lucky to have you.

  12. You did a wonderful, fabulous job! What a beautiful, elegant gown! (And bride!)

  13. Thank you all for reading and for your lovely comments! I am slowly coming back down to earth and back to life after a lot of extra sleeping!

  14. That’s aMAzing!! Wow!

  15. That’s gorgeous! Such a pretty shape, it’s genuinely one of the nicest wedding dresses I’ve seen in a while 🙂

  16. WOW! I have only just discovered your blog through Karen. What a genuine inspiration you are, the dress is beautiful, a credit to you.

  17. Amazing and such guts to be able to achieve such an amazing garment. You give the rest of us sewers such a boost.

  18. Congratulations, the dress is beautiful and the bride looks stunning. You have done a wonderful job.

  19. Wowzers! I’m so impressed that you MADE that! What a beautiful dress, and a wonderful expression of friendship. Your friend must think you’re the greatest!

  20. Just found your blog, and I am SO impressed! That dress is gorgeous. Your friend is very lucky.

  21. Be very proud – you made a fabulous dress for a beautiful bride. Well done!

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  23. Pingback: Pyjama Party Highlights | Did You Make That?

  24. Wow! What a lovely dress & a pretty bride. I just found your blog and haaad to comment on this dress. You did an amazing job! 🙂

  25. WOWEE!!!! what an amazing sew! The bride is stunning and so is that gown! Well done… No pressure sewing that, right?!

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